In a nutshell, eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly keeps us fit and strong and helps us maintain our ideal weight. With busy lives, we sometimes lose sight of this until perhaps weight gain, injury or illness reminds us. At Woodvale House, we run individual appointments and group day retreats to look at our habits, focus on what we are eating, how it affects us and how we can address change, if needed


There are many toxins present in everyday life: sprayed onto the food we eat, in the environment we breathe, in our homes… Toxins put stress on your body’s natural defences. Correct detoxing can cleanse your body systems, prevent periods of excess bloating, weight gain, skin issues or tiredness. Detox can help you to function at your best. We identify the best detox diet for you, based on health screening questionnaires and detox goals. We then build a personalised detox plan, compile detox shopping lists and show you how to keep a journal and / or food planner. We offer cooking tips and show you how to knock up incredible yet healthy meals and we’ll share our healthy recipes with you

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  • Detox Consultations / Nutritional Appointments
  • Help with making healthy choices
  • Healthy mouth-watering recipes
  • Food preparation and… indulge!